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Magruda Woodworks is a small shop in east central Georgia that got its start after my wife wanted a bed swing for our back porch. After looking around at what was available and being disappointed in the quality of what I saw and being the type that always liked to make things and work with my hands, I decided that I would just build one! After designing and building that first one, others saw it and wanted one, thus Magruda Woodworks came to life.


Soon after those first bed swings, others began to ask me to build cabinets, coffee tables, desks and other farmhouse style furniture. And as they say, the rest is history. Now I get to do what I truly enjoy! So, if you are interested in custom, hand crafted style products, head on over to the  contact page and let’s get started on your project!

Bed Swing Finished Staged Side Shot.jpg
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